Types of radiometric dating methods

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Types of radiometric dating methods

It is more accurate for shorter time periods (e.g., hundreds of years) during which control variables are less likely to change.There are a number of implausible assumptions involved in radiometric dating with respect to long time periods.

With uranium-lead dating, for example, the process assumes the original proportion of uranium in the sample.There are further methods (not radiometric) at links below. (1) Uranium-lead (2) Samarium-neodymium (3) Potassium-argon (4) Rubidium-strontium (5) Uranium-thorium (6) Radiocarbon (7) Fission track (8) Chlorine-36 There is also the famous Carbon-14 dating, which falls under radiocarbon dating, not radiometric dating, and is generally not used to date rocks anyway. Radiometric dating is mostly used to determine the age of rocks, though a particular form of radiometric dating—called Radiocarbon dating—can date wood, cloth, skeletons, and other organic material.Because radiometric dating fails to satisfy standards of testability and falsifiability, claims based on radiometric dating may fail to qualify under the Daubert standard for court-admissible scientific evidence.

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Recognizing this problem, scientists try to focus on rocks that do not contain the decay product originally.

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