The four rules of online dating

Posted by / 23-Mar-2016 23:01

Our phones and our amazing inability to sit and do nothing for 10 minutes are impeding us from being patient and selfless enough to connect with other people on a deep and meaningful level.

It's a little weird at first, trusting a computer algorithm to pair you off.

As a result, email communication has dropped significantly while texting has risen.‘ve messaged several men who never use email.

So suggesting to them that we communicate that way is awkward for them.

Add in the common fear of romantic intimacy, and of dealing with past relationship “issues”—yours and your date’s—and it’s easy to conclude you’re better off skipping the ride altogether.

Playing it safe has this much going for it: you’ll avoid danger and reduce risks.

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While other guys were angling for quick coffee dates and pushing to get laid, I just wrote a few more emails on the dating site, moved to regular email for a few emails, scheduled a phone call and a follow up, and THEN set up a first date.