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Speed dating spreadsheet

I've been asked more than once why I Programmer bothers to cover spreadsheets.

They are not, after all, obviously anything much to do with programming? The spreadsheet is one of the most amazing inventions of the computer age.

Spreadsheets met a need that few even guessed existed.

Today spreadsheets are often relegated to the task of ad-hoc data presentation by way of creating graphs and charts.

Put down everything that interests you, but PRIORITIZE them. Sometimes there will be a galley drop for a book on Thursday morning, an author signing for that same book Thursday afternoon, and another galley drop on Friday.

This leads me to: A lot of people have colours for every priority (including low), and that’s cool. If this is a book I want, I add all of them to my schedule.

week or how a different menu item sells at lunch versus dinner.

That ever insightful tip is finally being put to use by organic kale and bulk nuts ethusiasts, Whole Foods. Maybe all the writers who suggest going to the grocery store to get a date have been hiding out in Florida this whole time?

The program is taking place all week, and tonight, the 18-25 age group will be served.

It not only brought programming to the masses but was an early entry into rapid application development, functional programming and an easy and natural approach to parallel programming, reactive programming and cellular automata.

Everything that you are interested in maybe getting—write it down. Let’s say you have two books at the same time that you want, but you only write down one of them.

Even if there are two at the same time, write them both down. Then, on the day, you go to get that one book you wrote down and they say, Well that sucks. Had you written down the other book too you could have hopped over to the other opportunity instead. So I only colour code the ones that are REALLY important to me. I make my low priority books white so that they don’t stand out as much as I’m scanning through my spreadsheet.

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But having gained traction among international markets and small business users, it’s now asking a question with big implications for its future: Would people with little interest in data ever sit on their sofa, in their pajamas, playing with spreadsheets for fun? The company’s newest app, Elastic, takes various spreadsheet formats and rapidly converts them into tactile visualizations.

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