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Various fans on the internet have raised concern about the two supposed lovers appearing on the same show together.

It is something that is usually forbidden, so since they will be on the same program, their relationship may not be real after all.

These years are important since these was when the first foundations of their relationship came to be and why Yama Pi and Koki Tanaka hated each other.Both parties denied the relationship, but the tabloids talk about it like it's a fact. So one story I heard was that a crazy Hello Project fan once threw water (other sources said it was hydrochloric acid) at Yamapi, because of...jealousy I guess.At the beginning of September 2008, Yamashita Tomohisa was seen with Abiru Yuu at Kyoto’s Jinushi shrine and spent the day as sweet as any normal couple would be This resulted to a lot of fans screaming murder.According to a restaurant manager in Shinjuku, “I don’t have the slightest idea why, but somehow Sakurai-kun and Maki-chan have been appearing frequently... , born October 6, 1988, in Kiyose, Tokyo) is a Japanese actress.

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But when she's in a car, most of the time, her manager is with her.