Database updating

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A contract class is a container for constants that define names for URIs, tables, and columns.

Troubleshooting for "Virus signature database update failed" message Which ESET product do I have and is it the latest version?

Saving data to a database is ideal for repeating or structured data, such as contact information.

This class assumes that you are familiar with SQL databases in general and helps you get started with SQLite databases on Android.

This lets you change a column name in one place and have it propagate throughout your code.

A good way to organize a contract class is to put definitions that are global to your whole database in the root level of the class.

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Moreover, when developers need update the data base as the end user finishing the changes to a single value of Kettic Grid View, they can implement the data base updating with ADO. NET Data Table which have loaded data from a Sql Data Adapter and is bound to a Binding Source component to Kettic Grid View control.