Are jeremy renner and scarlett johansson dating 2016

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Are jeremy renner and scarlett johansson dating 2016

The 32-year-old, who was named the top grossing actor of 2016, said it was difficult having her privacy so starkly invaded.

She also claimed the person who hacked into her email account impersonated her and attempted to gain access to images of others.

Netflix’s Iron Fist features a white Caucasian lead despite calls for an Asian-American star to take on the role.

In Ghost In The Shell Johansson plays the Major, who after being saved from a horrific crash is cyber-enhanced to be a “perfect soldier” tasked with stopping the world’s most dangerous criminals.

Scarlett Johansson might be best known as the queen of science fiction but the actor is keen to try her hand at other endeavours.

The actor has said she might swap films for politics and run for office in the US.

Johansson said she was one of around 50 people targeted, saying: “It feels particularly invasive when you are in the public eye and you’re like, ‘What else can I give you?

And at the show's after party, the actress reportedly got cozy with SNL cast member Colin Jost.“Right now I think with my young daughter, and also as my career is going right now, it’s not the right time.” “But eventually, maybe if my daughter was older and I could totally focus myself on something like that, I think it could be interesting.” Johnasson attended the Women’s March on Washington, a protest which took place the day after Donald Trump was elected, and gave an impassioned speech about Planned Parenthood and women’s abortion rights.She told the crowd about the life-saving experiences both herself and close friends have had at Planned Parenthood - a non-profit organisation that provides reproductive health care in the US and globally.Johansson, who was named the top grossing actor of 2016, said despite being a public figure she likes to keep her private life private but added a caveat for the Trump era.“I feel that in the face of this current political climate, it is vital that we all make it our mission to get really, really personal,” she said. Jumping on the latest food fad, her shop serves gourmet popcorn in an array of unusual flavours.

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“People always find controversy in a vacuum of information,” Sanders told the Standard.